Middle East in turmoil

Whenever I read international news the one topic that I encounter most often is about Iraq , Iran , Syria or Egypt. Despite being rich in oil resources these countries have become popular victims. 

Millions are killed in the process of acquiring oil which becomes a political controversy everyday. The 2003 Iraq war is still the most speculated event in world polity. Honestly , the west has tamed the innocent middle east residents for their ruthless self interests. But NATO & its allies never admit that they are on the wrong boat. 

Today , refugee crisis has sprung up like a contagion leaving no room for development in the middle east. Seems like even UN isn’t working earnestly to resolve the disputes out there. Or else the issues would have been gotten over with quite before. 

Today, ISIS has emerged as a global threat only due to the reckless actions taken by the West. The rebels had enough of trauma , menace and mischief. Those who have lost control over their minds have turned terrorists. Due to lack of proper guidance they are joining ISIS. And now we face loss of lives as a result of terror.

All one can hope is the success of “Middle East Peace Process” and the salvation of all the victims.


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