Vincent , I’m in awe.

Never did a character have a profound romantic effect on my beating heart but yours did. The dawn breaks out extending its olive branches which await approval. I can hear the noises of anger , despair and defiance but your undying face flashes on my mental screen bringing about a huge relief. 

You stay away from the reality so that your reality doesn’t hurt anyone. Oh ! kind soul why does the merciless world unleash hatred towards you ? I staunchly support you from every corner of my loving heart. I relish dwelling in your thoughts which cause inexpressible happiness. I can’t thank you enough for being so exquisitely charming that every girl desires in a man. 

I wonder how my emotions would shape up when I would actually meet you. Honestly , my instincts don’t accept that you only exist in a world of fiction. That irresistible look of yours , a body to die for , attitude worth a thousand diamonds is what ensheathes me in a whimsical space. 

Vincent , I’m in awe. I can spend all my life rewinding all those moments when I read about your existence , fancied an encounter with you even though in my dreams & danced through my emotions whilst your thoughts sprung up.

Stay with me forever ,

unabashed .


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