In a desperate attempt to attain peace the solitary mind strives hard. Mornings aren’t calm anymore thanks to the growing traffic of not just vehicles but merciless human volumes. Every family contains loud speaker kinda member who yells 24×7. But the rest don’t have an option but to resist. 

All voices are now diverted to social media spaces where comments sound loud and clear. Media gives leverage to the social media addicts further highlighing their unending angst , happiness , etc. 

Readers need a noise free environment to drown into their favorite books. Since libraries are almost extinct nowadays so book hubs are emerging at certain places. That’s not always possible to approach book hubs given our hectic schedules . Even writing requires immense silence because of which I know a lot of writers turning into night owls. I adore nightfall as if its a cute puppy trying to hug me. 

When the world is asleep I wake up as though I underwent a resurgence procedure. The beautiful darkness beckons me towards the unknown and unseen world of ecstasy. I dwell happily alone in the cave of love , knowledge & bliss that the dark silence bestows upon me. Excellent ! 

Society doesn’t need individuals with an individualistic thinking but someone who will sacrifice for common good. Rational western philosophers have always advocated self confidence over self criticism as a tool to succeed. They value efficiency over equality , intelligence over morals and individual self interest over altruistic selflessness.

Amidst the noises of futility I emerge like a lotus in the dirt yet sizzling with freshness. My confidence has doubled , knowledge hunt is on and negative emotions are off. This life belongs to each one of us including plants, animals and numerous microbes. All we homo sapiens can do is fight the inevitable clamour with our relentless passion. 


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