Passion for living

To live in a beautiful state of bliss is amazing for any human being. All our passions would be satiated , eyes delighted and lungs relieved. Life doesn’t usually offer us desirable outcomes , exciting opportunities and attractive relationships. But we mustn’t limit ourselves to a certain extent. 

We deserve much better. There is a better life awaiting us in the form of tomorrow which is hidden , unknown , undecided and unexpected. Morning coffee , afternoon movie , evening snack and midnight music. If we learn how to extract all the extraordinary aspects of human life successfully then it would make our life complete. 

Reading an interesting book engulfs us with the excellent plot , cinema pulls our attention towards the fictional reality and beautiful ladies + handsome hunks fulfill our romantic void at times. Beauty that needs to be disseminated , explored and experienced shouldn’t be confined only to the fortunate ones. 

Beauty can be recognized by all. We don’t always need eyes for it or even ears. Sometimes it needs to be felt. Hence , feel the unseen beauty that only you can behold. Don’t let go of the passion for living.



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