A Polygamist Reader

The only treasure that I sought as of now is a “BOOK”. The fragrance of a book cleanses my nostrils like magic. I look forward to every morning only thinking about the fact that “My book is awaiting me with its next chapter left unread…..come darling & unravel the mystery.” 

Reading is the most essential virtue that every human must possess. It heals the stress both mental and physical. Entering into an incredible world of enthusiasm , entertainment & exhilaration via a book with its sizzling cover. It fills my relentless hunger through the dazzling font , crisp pages & enticing plot. 

I read all genres mercilessly ! (Laughs) Multiple novels feature on my table during my reading sessions. It feels as if I’m complete , satiated & relieved , ah !!! 

When I visit a bookstore it is exactly like a restaurant where the best food is offered in the form of books. Books that add freshness to a monotonous living. Stories that resurrect the sleeping soul , words that strengthen emotions , incidents that outrage instincts whilst providing the reader with bundles of joy that even diamonds won’t give. 

Books are the carriers of effervescent thoughts of intelligent minds with creative visions. I love exploring various book genres like an ardent devotee of writing. 

Something which would stay with me unless I leave it aside is my better half – MY LOVE : BOOK


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