Bull’s Eye

The carefree girl loitered here and there not like a rolling stone but a messed up bear. She knew only fun & fiction as the beginning and the end. She loved superheroes , their extraordinary attributes along with their spotless vulnerabilities. She was the silver lining of the darkest clouds also the irresistible fragrance of tintless shrouds. 

She is beyond what women actually are because it is that unstained face of hers which is free of guilt , guise and glamour. Her simplicity is the ultimate piety , her humour is the destroyer of anxiety whilst her valour is independent of variety. 

She entered the thorny road of challenges , disasters , dismay & despair. But her instincts weren’t victimized , her body wasn’t petrified nor her mind became stupefied. She bore all the pain till the end like a remorseless giant , a relentless lion & a fearless human. 

Moreover, she hit the bull’s eye. 


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