When you blushed ! 

The seditious moment made a grand entry into our hearts. You didn’t turn away instead turned up for the romantic event that destiny organized for both of us on a glittering canvas of relentless love. I held your left palm with ease as my adrenaline rush grew uncontrollable. 

I deleted all the horrible circumstances from my past for a while just to penetrate into your chocolatey eyes. They speak a million breathtaking words than a thousand orators would , reveal several colours of emotions , pinch every inch of my skin like a rose’s thorn.

But the amazing thing is that I don’t bleed because the thorn that pierced into my delicate flesh was filled with devotional love. It was sent by your soul to that of mine via an invisible , harmless thorn of a lovely rose. I couldn’t believe the magic that invisibility could create. Anyway , thanks a lot for enabling me to perceive it.

I asked you out with a great deal of pride & vigour at stake. My heart kept beating fast , faster and even more. I was seriously dying to hear a word at least from you and the reply was ……., OMG !!! 

When you blushed 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

I got my answer. 😂🎉🌈


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