Dusk Delight

Tons of sparkling little stars stun several curious eyes. I lay on the concrete floor of my porch gazing at the widespread welkin that beckons me every day , every night. I hear the dogs cry as if they were oppressed by a tyrant. The screeching noise causes a nerve wrecking sensation to my ears. I feel annoyed , agitated & alarmed by the sounds of the homeless beasts. But my subconscious mind reminds me of brave soldiers who fearlessly fight against their enemies each day sans pangs , panic attacks or worries. Then why do I react to a natural yet seeming abnormal phenomenon whilst I’m cosily placed surrounded by massive walls ? 

I ignore the irritants , noises , spoilers & barriers. My hands touch the invisible air with devotion for the relentless nature. My eyes view the harmless night which resurrects unheard souls. My mind fantasizes an incredible world of enthralling ideas , vibrating musical beats & romantic sensualities. 

As I gradually open my eyes I see a gorgeous white face glowing under the moonlight. My head is placed on this anonymous hunk’s lap quite comfortably as though it is a warm pillow. He brushes his bangs leftwards and unfurls my hair with his suave palm trying to pour romantic affection on my body. He lifts me gently near his bare chest and pats the back of my head with exhilarating ease.

Twilight strikes culminating the inexplicable session of perceiving fantastic pleasure. The handsome guy with angelic eyes disappears leaving his intoxicating fragrance around my house.


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