“Incomplete” – Episode 3 (Part – B) 

Sansa’s House – 

Sansa : I just can’t believe it. I’m gonna face the devil tomorrow. Psycho 😏 I hope I get to embarrass him before he does. I’m not at all afraid of him and I think its better if I focus on my work instead of meddling with Mr.CEO. 

At Rogers & Sons – 

Sansa : Hey guys ! I’m the new creative head , Sansa Parker ☺. Before you introduce yourselves I wanna tell you that I’m a cool headed person unlike our boss Mr. Kevin Rogers & soft spoken. So don’t hesitate to ask , seek or expect any kind of advice/assistance. 😊

After the meeting gets over Kevin collides with Sansa in the lobby. 

Kevin : Shit. Ms. are you blind ? Bloody hell.

Sansa : I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to ….😱

Kevin : What the f*** ? You cannot do away with your shit on the first at work. C’mon get a life.

Sansa : Look Mr. Rogers ,

Kevin : Sir. 

Sansa : Sorry. Sir I know that you are my Boss now and no longer just my friend’s brother. But that doesn’t give you the license to yell at me or throw awful tantrums.

Kevin : You deserve even worse for being reckless and unapologetic. Why am I wasting my precious 4 minutes for you. Leave right now. 

Sansa : Sorry Sir. 

Daniel : Hey there. How was the first day in the office ? 

Sansa : Not bad. 

Daniel : Means not good as well ? 

Sansa : Its okay. I’m sure I’ll get used it soon in a couple of days.

Daniel : All you need is a little patience. Good luck ! 

Sansa : Ya right. Thanks Danny. See ya later. Bye.

All of a sudden Sansa feels a bit dizzy and then she collapses. The staff gathers near her. Kevin is informed by Daniel that Sansa fell unconscious. He is disappointed to hear the news. He rushes towards the spot.

Kevin : Excuse me. Move aside everyone. OMG ! Sansa , hey get up. What happened ? Wake up …, c’mon. Daniel call the ambulance right away. Quick. 

For the first time ever Kevin felt so much concerned about a person. A tough guy who relies on mind over heart starts feeling worried about an employee’s health ? Well , that’s interesting. 

Why did Sansa collapse on the floor ? She was perfectly alright in the morning. Is there something sinister to it or is it just a result of stress ?

To be continued…



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