The Saving Grace

In a land called “Joy” lived an entrancing woman called “Grace”. She was sweet sixteen and a gorgeous brunette. Her life was unknown to this giant planet Earth. Don’t mistake her for some alien. She was a human being who has lost her way and wrongly set foot on ” Joy”. What she didn’t know is that this new land is exactly what all homo sapiens aspired for instead of the blue planet. 

She was educated in a school called “Instant Learning’ along with students from another neighborhood called “Zeal”. Those students seemed extra intelligent and more joyous than Grace. This school taught everything with a mixed feeling emanating from the head and the heart. So , students could learn both objective & subjective forms of interpreting academics , love & life.

Grace grew up to be the necessity of humans on earth. She turned into a Supergirl and entered to the earth for protecting people from all sorts of danger. She succeeded in fulfilling her ambitions & destroy the human inhibitions. Then onwards people on earth worship her as – 👇

 “The Saving Grace” – a Superheroine. 


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