Turning the tide towards my side 

When I’m placed in an adverse situation sans tangible support system as though between the devil and the deep sea I just think of one thing which is “You better don’t lose focus be what may.” 

Misfortune has a perfect timing. It strikes when all is well. Then a person has to shift from Plan A to Plan B. Preparation never goes futile , remember. At times we are confused between choosing one among several other equally wonderful options. Obstacles arrive without invitation manifesting their sincerity as always. Now the mind starts spinning round and round.

God won’t help no matter how much we pray and chant “Beseech me Oh good lord bla , bla ….” All in vain. 😧

When I face such a situation I rely on my ability instead of prayers or destiny. I believe that “life is what you make it” theory totally. My fate is in my hands which is controlled by mind. I try to train myself about dealing with the pros ‘n’ cons of human life which is damn erratic. F*** the astrology , supernatural elements , whatever. 

I’m not afraid of anything as I’m not guilty of some serious crime. Time is unpredictable not our life. But it does have profound impact on our lives. Better if we understand how time works & plays its tricks upon us instead of pouring allegations over the world outside.

It requires a great degree of perseverance , knowledge & genuine understanding of events & people in order to overcome exasperating challenges.

This is what I refer to as – : 

“Turning the tide towards my side.”


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