“Incomplete” – Episode 3 (Part – A)

Sansa Parker – The writer , blogger & a human being but not yet a lover ? If she believes in romance then why doesn’t she practice it ? What’s stopping her from doing that ? Ego ? No. Ambiversion ? No. Ignorance ? Yessssss. šŸ˜‰

Sansa : What is this CEO Kevin Rogers like ? Always hot (tempered) but last night so kind (hearted) ? I’m gonna run crazy man ā—ā—ā—ā—ā—

Kevin : Bloody hell šŸ˜ always babbling Sansa Parker. She’s gonna make me crazy !

At Rogers & Sons Office – 

Garry Lancaster ( Senior Advisor ) : Kevin I need to talk something very urgent. Do you mind ? 

Kevin : Absolutely not. Go ahead with the thing. 

Garry : Our creative head Mary Woodland has resigned. She had got a better offer at Brandon & Co. Advertising. We need someone incredibly talented to fill her vacancy.

Kevin : What the hell ? She left. Come on we offer the highest in this business. The Brandons are fuckin shit. They aren’t good enough.

Garry : You’re wrong. They are better enough to compete with us. Haven’t you heard the news yesterday. Their stocks have picked up quite well last quarter. They are offering twice what we do. 

Kevin : As a fact I have had a horrible night yesterday and now this outrageous departure of an efficient employee is just screwing things up. 

Garry : Drink a glass of water and listen to me carefully Kevin. Print an ad displaying a job vacancy for Creative Head & an interview for the post immediately. Trust me we will hire someone far better than Mary Woodland. 

Kevin : Alright. John come in. Right away pay the leading tabloids & social media sites and ask them to publish a job vacancy notice in classifields. It has to be perfect. Go do it.

Garry : I’m sure time favours the deserving and you deserve everything good. 

Kevin : I hope so. Thanks Garry.  

Next morning – 

Sansa : Let’s check out the classifields maybe something exciting might be there.   “Wanted – Creative Head , above 25 years , smart & highly creative.  

Interview on 25th September at 2: 30 pm 

Please report at Rogers & Sons , 9 th floor main building. “

I think I should give it a try. I can be the best creative head though. But the only issue is the devil is gonna be there , what if he interviews me ? Omg !!! Oh God , dear god save me. 

Rogers & Sons Office – 

May I come in Sir ?? 

Kevin : Yes. ( His head is bent and he doesn’t notice Sansa there ). Please give me your resume.

She hands it over to him with mixed emotions creeping over her instincts. She trembles all the while.

Kevin : Sansa Parker ??? šŸ˜  You , whats wrong with my life ? I just can’t get rid of you goddamn thing. And how do you manage to meet me despite  I do all the hurling upon you ? 

Sansa : Listen to my misfortune all my opportunities are born out of adversities. You are one of the adversities that I gotta deal with. Then why not ? Can we start the interview , please ? 

Kevin : You called me an adversity ? šŸ˜¤šŸ˜¤šŸ˜¤ So now face it everyday in this office. You’re hired. 

Sansa : Interview ? 

Kevin : F***** the bloody interview. You may join tomorrow sharp at 9 AM. Now leave. 

Sansa : I didn’t know that you were actually so generous. Thank you so much Mr. CEO for making my life easier than I expected. I hope you have the guts to face me everyday.

Kevin feels the repulse , tension & irritation that has struck his body like a virus. He hired Sansa without an interview simply to seek revenge. But what he doesn’t see is the repercussions that would change both their lives altogether. 

On the other hand , Sansa is annoyed at this arrogant CEO’s misbehavior but glad that she’s got a golden opportunity to intimidate him at his own workplace. 

So , both the arch rivals are gearing up for an interesting encounter. 

To be continued …


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