“Incomplete” – Episode 2 (Part – B)

Sansa has been through ups and downs quite happily. She never felt the need for somebody in her singledom. Maybe she enjoyed “Single , never ready to mingle” feeling greatly.

Kevin : John , get me a cup of black coffee immediately. 

Kevin is terribly upset at Sansa’s behavior in the restaurant especially because all that took place in the presence of his dear pal Bonnie Goldsmith. 

Kevin : I’m gonna make your life a hell you piece of shit. Nobody has spoken to me with such shamelessness as did Ms. Sansa Parker. She’s awful.

Phone rings.

Kevin : Hello ! 

Rhea : Hey bro , wassup ? 

Kevin : Hi ! I’m not good actually but its ok tell me what’s the stuff ? Anything important ?

Rhea : I know you must be busy right now but a small request.

Kevin : Yup , go ahead.

Rhea : I’m planning a dinner at my house tonight so , I want you to join.

Kevin : Sure. Is it a private one or there’s a long list ? 

Rhea : A couple of close buddies that’s it. I hope you are fine with it ??

Kevin : You know I can’t deny you as you happen to be my dearest sister. 

Rhea : You’ve made my day dear. Awaiting you Sir (Smiles).

Sansa is part of the guest list which Kevin is unaware of. Though she knows that Kevin is gonna come , she’s cool with it.

At Rhea’s house – 

Rhea : Welcome guys ! Oh Amelia give me a hug & Sansa … Omg you’re dazzling in blue. 

Amelia : Feeling nostalgic. Remember our graduation day dinner at your place along with Uncle , Aunty & your brother. It was awesome. 

Sansa : I missed it though. But its okay I’m compensating it today.

Amelia : Right. ( Smiles)

Rhea : Meet my hubby Daniel , COO of “Rogers & Sons”. 

Daniel : Hello Amelia ! Sansa a hug would do coz we already met. (Laughs)

Kevin enters the scene. He’s shocked to find his arch rival out there. 

Kevin : You are here ? What the f*** ? I’m not gonna be a part of it if she’s there. 

Rhea : Kevin relax ….relax come on in. What happened ? 

Sansa : Oh ! You lack basic etiquette in private as well. 

Kevin : Just shut up. Stop babbling like a parrot. 

Sansa : Well , I’m far better than you coz you’re a ” Monster , Beast , Psycho ….whatever. ” 

Both throw tantrums at each other as if it is a USA Vs Russia tennis match.

Rhea : What’s wrong with you guys ? I know you both are poles apart but don’t behave like freaks for god sake. 

Daniel : Don’t forget Amelia is here. 

Amelia : Seems like Kevin & Sansa met before. 

Daniel : Yup. At her book launch. 

Amelia : Okay. Alright. But not a happy meeting. 

Rhea : Enough. I invited both of you. I’ll decide the rest. We are ending this nonsense right now. But right now I’m hungry so let’s have dinner. 

Kevin & Sansa stare angrily at each other and end the quarrel. All are seated comfortably.

Sansa : I’m sorry guys. Really sorry. 

Rhea : Its okay babe. Have some crab soup. 

The dinner is over. After a light conversation all are set to bid friendly good byes. Sansa leaves early to escape the sight of Kevin. 

Kevin : I’m sorry Rhea , Daniel. I didn’t intend to …..(Pause).

Rhea : I think you should take a shower and get a sound sleep. We will talk tomorrow. Go.

While passing through Kevin sees Sansa on the road. She’s standing alone seeking help. He initially decides not to pay attention to her but in vain.

Kevin : Hey Sansa ! Everything alright ?? 

Sansa : Why are you so interested ? 

Kevin : Exactly. Its my stupidity that I’m concerned about everyone.

Sansa : No need to be so. I can handle it. 

Kevin : You aren’t gonna get a mechanic at midnight do you understand that ? 

Sansa : Ok fine. I’ll come. 

Kevin : Not next to me. Sit on the front seat. 

Sansa : “Arrogant Brat”. 

Kevin : Did you say something ? 

Sansa : Nope. Driver let’s go.

All through the way Kevin and Sansa bitched about each other in their thoughts. Aggression levels sparked up each second. 

Sansa : Driver stop. This is my home. 

Kevin : Can you please leave instead of wasting any extra time of my life ? 

Sansa : Yes I’m . Thanks driver.

Both exchanging deadly looks like two Arch Rivals !!! 

Another meeting filled with fire , angst & hidden care + concern. Kevin does have a heart or else why would he drop Sansa at home despite the immense hatred he has for her ? 

To be continued …


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