On a different plane

I don’t comply by what the world thinks in general. Norms restrict my progress like a speed breaker on an urbane road. Is it law that I must abide by or a mere belief ? Is it logic that stands valid or a myth seldom busted. 
I flow through the rough patches of criticism like a beautiful stream of water. My pace increases gradually but all hell breaks loose when tiny rocks fall in between and block the ease with which I pass the path of life.

Vulnerabilities strike the nerves like an electric shock conducted over an innocent patient. Galaxy of hate speakers shower their merciless shit on fearless truth seekers. As though it is the inception of an incarnation.

I won’t regret ever for not being kind to the unkind , sweet to the bitter hearts , good to the baddies or romantic to the unromantic assholes. I’m content with my genuine personality which is also content to dwell in my body like a “perfect-fit.” 

Moreover , I’m on a different plane that lies untouched , unstained & unearthed by the “Divergent” faction. I’m “Divergent.”


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