The Magician

In the eye catchy backdrop of wizards & elves , you entertain the enormous crowd with variety of expressions filled with charming adoration. The velvet coat that you were wearing is worth a try for you look like some street magician who’s made it big in the city.

Your face reveals a thousand emotions which have an interesting story to tell. The sky turns blackish grey as the giant clouds envelop the welkin with their shadows. After a while , it rains heavily caressing the thirsty buffaloes with drops of affection. The grass turns wet and flowers fall upside down carving a natural caricature . 

You are oblivious of the showers outside , struck in a soundproof auditorium trying to bring back the lost smiles in people’s stressed lives. They have come to you seeking revival from a tough day of sucking work . They believe in your ability to retain happiness out of nothing. 

As you begin speaking , everybody listens with pin-drop silence and all eyes on you just you. Your magnetic hands do innovative miracles that look super alluring. You pull a rabbit from the hat , turn a child into an old lady & vomit diamonds out of your mouth. How amazing !!! I sometimes wonder from whom did you learn these tricks ? Extraordinaire Homme 👏

It is thy fantastical capacité to hold everyone’s attention as though it is the Gettysburg Speech of former POTUS Abraham Lincoln. 


You are “The Magician” whose work speaks wonders , miracles & omg’s 🎆

“Il est magique qui fascine.”


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