Determined To Win

Kate Thomas , a beautiful maiden in her 20’s was chosen by the State of England to represent the country in Olympics. She was a talented athlete who won several medals at district & national level championships in 100 m , 200 m & 400 m races. 

She was slim , 5 “8” and had a striking black mole in her left cheek. Her mornings begin with a warm up session in the stadium followed by rigorous training for 10 hours nonstop. Her coach Mr. David Benjamin with slightly heavier body weight , 6″ 3″ as though he was some wrestling star trained Kate ever since she took up sports as a passion which has now become her career.

On a Sunday evening Kate fell from her stairs while chasing her naughty brother. Her ankle got twisted and she was taken to the doctor who did all sorts of tests and said that Kate needed 5 months of complete bed rest. It means she won’t be able to participate in the Olympics at London after two months. Mr. David Benjamin grew concerned about losing a prospective gold medal recipient from playing in the Olympics. 

Kate was stunned at her twist of fate more than the twisted ankle as this mishap has reduced her chances of making it to the Games. But there was a fire burning within her to fight hard , try hard & conquer. She didn’t give up. She went for practice sessions trying to walk with a single leg like a leper. The sports authorities weren’t happy though and did all they can to stop Kate’s progression into the Olympic Games. 

It was a battle that Kate had to win in order to fulfill her gold medal dream that she always had sealed in her heart. Her coach supported the will power & sheer determination of Kate Thomas who didn’t know anything but sports. She tried to walk faster , went to yoga classes , did some ayurvedic massage in an Indian Ayurveda Clinic. After a month she was able to run better than before. The faces of her parents were glowing with pride in their daughter who has learnt to fight in such a young age. The doctor was shocked to see the recovery in just a month and called it a miracle. 

Finally , the D-Day arrived with bundles of challenges for Kate Thomas. She looked straight with her hands held firm on the ground. Ready , Steady & GO !!!!

She ran faster and went on ………although the others were pretty good but she kept running with one belief that she will make it at any cost. And she made it to the finishing line. OMG ! Kate Thomas the winner of GOLD from United Kingdom.

Struggle , determination , dedication & the conscience drove Kate towards the destination of glory. She won this incredible game of life with a smile. 


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