Adorable Thee

You hit my tranquil heart like a storm 

that shattered life’s normalcy.

I tried to run far away from your sight 

to rack up the lost quantum of glee.

To my outraging misfortunes I couldn’t 

escape from your sickening clutches.

Patiently listening to your grotesque 

orders I covered wounds with stitches.

Every moment all of a sudden enticed me

as I beheld your pinkish cheeks.

No more fighting only joke cracking made

us appear like two laughing freaks.

It all started seeming like a fairy tale where

the cranky prince meets princess beautiful.

You loaded my body with big bullets of love

& kissed me like a boyfriend who’s dutiful.

The warmth filled hug with which you 

cling soothes me like a winning spree .

I feel highly blessed to share my life with 

Adorable Thee .


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