James Gets The Job

James Cooper was a middle aged slack who lived like a nomad. His parents died when he was in high school in a horrible car accident. He had a younger brother , Ryan Cooper who worked in a Five-Star Hotel as General Manager. Ryan was a topper in both school as well as university. He received scholarship as both the siblings couldn’t fund for their education post their parents death. While James did a part-time job as a waitor in a local New Jersey restaurant Ryan focused on his studies. James graduated from college with a lot of difficulty as he never was a good student. 

James applied for a vacant post in an ad agency long back. He almost got it but to his misfortune he got injured in a minor jerk with a taxi. Bad day. But the jinx continued because whenever he went for an interview he encountered a perilous incident the very day. How pathetic for a guy desperately looking for employment ? Its terrible.

Life then became meaningless for James Cooper who enjoyed childhood with great joy someone who was oblivious of pain. His parents adored him as he was their first born after 3 consecutive miscarriages. They ensured that he was protected from all the troubles of life and breathed easy . But fate didn’t approve of it and James had to struggle hard to find a purpose in life.

Ryan got his engagement fixed with his collegue Maria Mendoza , Assistant Manager of the hotel. He broke this news to his hapless brother who was already in heavy depression. But James refused to attend as it would spoil the reputation of his little brother who enjoys a dignified status in the society. Ryan never had any regrets about his brother’s joblessness instead he always looked up to James as a guide , friend and inspiration who took care of his health , studies and finances post their parents departed. 

On a bright Wednesday morning James got a call from Carter & Sons for an interview. He thought of denying the opportunity as he was always proved unlucky. But his instincts forced him to agree. He believed his gut feeling instead of prayers to the god who foiled his plans everytime he prayed. And you know what happened ? 

James was HIRED !!! He got the damn job finally ……….omg he couldn’t control his excitement which popped up like a fountain of emotions. His perseverance all through the struggle paid off. He immediately called Ryan and they had an hour long conversation which was filled with tears of happiness. 

They partied all night remembering their dear mom & dad who taught them self belief more than anything else for a happy living.

So , James Gets The Job in the end ! 


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