Thoughts to live by

I’m not lonely. I live with my dearest thoughts that engulf me in their warmth filled abode. They accompany me wherever I go like best buddies who laugh, cry , yell & sigh along with me. They teach me what elders don’t , preach me what mentors won’t.

Thoughts have a bewitching shape , size-zero body with dimples on their cheeks. (Laughs). Just kidding. Thoughts are infinite like the incredible ability of Brian Finch to determine information  in “Limitless”. Just like the miracle drug NZT-48. Thoughts are both fantastical & reasonable. But we creative people love fantasies as they are suffice with bundles of wonderful emotions.

Thought breathes , feels , eats , sleeps along with us. It just needs a proper time and the perfect mood to sprout into an alluring flower. Poems , columns , articles , novels , cinema plots are all products of someone’s thoughts. Thoughts remove our baggage of painful paranoia. They cleanse sordid brain cells with the broom of righteousness. As though we have got powerful weapons in our hands to destroy evil forces pestering us.

Think , Think , Think . Then see the magic that unfolds in the blank spaces of your life.


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