Sailing Through My Fancy

A unique world of my cheesy musings welcomes me to a bonfire festival. I feel enthusiastic about the upcoming event in my concocted little universe. I wear a purple lipstick , lilac maxi dress & Hawaii hair clip and quickly stand in front of the 19 century mirror that belonged to my grandmother.

OMG !!! I look like a goddess. 😇 Awesome.

My posh Bentley awaits outside the sparkling gates of my effervescent mind. I step out taking light steps with my maroon heels which give a sense of destressing process. I ride towards the “Pachani Thota” where the bonfire would take place whilst sipping hot coffee inside the luxury car. Intoxicating aroma of chocolatey coffee beans moves my nostrils with ease. 

A group of women folk receive me with pinkish white garlands and “laal teeka.” I could see a South Indian movie being played in the horizontal backdrop. Fragrance of Turkish spices entranced the entire location as if it was a wedding in Ankara. Gypsies came along and sang rural melodies of tribals. A cute musician was merrily playing his forte with Harmonica. 

It was almost midnight and the noble men arrived with their kids from a long day of work. I stood in between witnessing the camaraderie with which the folk groups interacted. I was oblivious about the fact that I was the “Guest Of Honour” but their simplicity made me look like one of them.

I sat on a velvet throne made by talented artisans alongside the colourful men , women & children. I was served vegan delicacies as the folks loved animals more than their family members. I licked the edges of my hunger driven mouth feeling every bit of the heavenly food safari. The masala yoghurt decorated with coriander leaves stole the show. Ah ! what an alluring meal as though I’m the Mughal”Mallika- E- Husn”.

The clock was ticking which reminded me that I gotta return to my real abode – The Earth. I danced for a while around the dazzling bonfire to warm country music. I didn’t wanna go brushing aside the grandeur of the countryside that no metropolis could offer. But I have to. 

Suddenly , alarm rings ‘tring…tring…,trong’ everything vanishes to a no-no. There’s no hue , sound or spicy aroma. I’m up. Shit it was a dream , a beautiful dream. Moreover a narcotic sojourn that I won’t forget ever 😂.



12 thoughts on “Sailing Through My Fancy

  1. Totally nice try I would say a modern day Cinderella. Truly strong and smart as there was no charming prince . Totally Queen like attitude.. Everything is amazing and the only thing that troubles me is that even in dreams we turn a blind eye towards the downtrodden. We only think of the nobles.. that’s just my thought not criticizing your creativity..


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