The first sight of yours made me unconscious. You were perfect for Dauntless faction even though you later confessed that you’re afraid of heights. 

The innocence in your strawberry face played guitar in my awestruck heart. I never imagined that a hero could also be an epitome of cuteness apart from being omnipotent. 

Lean , built & sexy arms of yours push my adrenaline up high. The way you talk with a butterscotch tone soothens bitten ear drums. Your sharp nose becomes the bull’s eye which I gotta hit or else I would lose. 

Every gesture of yours is so kind that all girls from Abnegation would fall for your magnanimity even if you happen to be Dauntless.Your embrace is worth a million dreams which seems like the teddy bear hug. 

Ah ! the exhilarating warmth that your body induces is like getting injected with a romantic serum. 

Stay Hot ! Stay True ! 

               And ,

I 💖 YOU FOUR 😘😘😘


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