Dear Nature

Dear Nature , 

Hey buddy wassup ? A big hi to the lush multi hued trees , perfume rich flowers , soothing fountains , endearing mountains and effervescent fauna. I wanted to write my feelings to you for a change. Well , nobody writes to nature does anyone ? But I’m one who does. Beauty can’t be imagined without your graceful presence.

Whispering secrets to the flowers is an exciting job as they engulf our words with their amazing fragrance. Singing lullabies to the red wood trees is an enriching experience as though they are our very own children. Clicking photographs of ravishing mahogany as if dying our hair in some French Salon. 

Trekking the Mt. Everest both in reality as well as fantasy is like sailing through the waters of heaven. Magnificent , giant hills stand tall and proud like fearless Titans of Rome. Echoing out loud in a screeching manner on the summit with an overwhelming cry is worth a thousand diamonds. 

Nature darling ! how can you be so beautiful that even a woman’s charisma falls flat in front of your dazzling charm. You made us humans but the million dollar question is who made you ?

Science says “Big Bang Theory” & Religion says “GOD”. Whatever !

You have beautified this massive globe with wonderful creations all over. You have made us writers & poets as we envision you frequently in our dynamic thoughts. You have given shelter to large numbers of flora & fauna. You have enabled human species to rule over your territory. 

Although you seek revenge causing disasters at the end of every season but we still love you how ? You are acquitted in the court of our hearts for Earthquakes , Floods , Volcanoes , Cyclones & Droughts. We have maimed you with all the artificial stuff , science & tech , experiments and what not. But you forgave us everytime.

Your large heartedness is limitless as it has become the reason for our survival. You are the origin and maybe you will be the end. 

Always in your awe my dear ,




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