Wanna Die In Thy Arms

Your the first ray of the morning sun that falls on my harmless skin. I feel resurrected after sensing your soothing touch as soon as I rise from the bed. Never felt this alluring emotion before as none of the kith & kin had the healing power that you possess.

I was a lone ranger dwelling like a nomad from one desert to another with a colorless attire , reckless attitude & emotionless heart. It was you who taught me laugh , love , lust & live. You were different from the ones that I met because you went deep into my soul and understood my sentiments rather than mocking at them like most people do.

Your unconditional affection , inexpressible treatment , heavenly abode & suave body gave me solace. I cried in the dark where none heard my painful tears & agonising fears. But I’m glad that it was you who did. 

I’m like an entrancing piece of glass which is transparent to the core. But it requires placid eyes to gaze at the beauty unseen. You had those magnificent eye balls that could penetrate into my inner self and read my reality.
Nothing can replace the ‘Golden Silence’ which gives the greatest salvation that even Almighty cannot. I just have a last urge and that is ….. I hope you won’t deny the privilege that I would like to seek from you as nobody can do so for me I know.

Oh ! My Soul Saviour ,

“I wanna die in thy arms.”


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