Post a chilling shower

I have taken an ice-cold shower on a bone-chilling rainy day. Its September and a reminder that I’m gonna miss my wonderful monsoon evenings after returning from a hectic day in University. Studies kinda suck , well I’m trying to be kind towards my teachers which is a big deal according to me. 
Coffee along with my favorite novel beside the living room window , watching rain drops fall as if viewing a romantic scene from P.S I Love You. Interesting isn’t it ? I wish I had a ravishing partner to enjoy this awesome experience with. For now my books are my boyfriends and my coffee is my saviour. ‘My’ an alluring word. How nice it feels when we say “IT IS MINE” …….. wow really. “My” this , that ….,etc.

The wetness persists both outside and on my hair. I can smell both the shampoo as well as the soil simultaneously. As if I’m inhaling jasmine & sandalwood incense sticks in a temple. Belly rumbles out of hunger. Since I had a light breakfast in the morning I’m feeling hungry quite fast. 

Super excitement grips my taste buds as I await hopefully a delicious meal. Something which would satiate my cravings for at least the next 4 hours.

Lunch I’m coming šŸššŸœšŸ›šŸ·šŸ“


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