Reading Erotica 

After 50 shades of Grey lot of people would have been like what the f***. But I didn’t find anything constructive in this highly pornographical content. Although it is a personal choice in terms of selecting what kinda books would one like to read. But as I was scrolling through 50 shades I felt like being locked inside a jail for months and getting suffocated every time I read a sensual experience. 

Instead I caught up with my book buddy who also happens to be a reviewer suggesting me to read certain books with enough substance. Since I was exploring erotic literature for a change he said that go for the mouth watering “CROSS FIRE” SERIES by Sylvia Day. It is an epic erotic tale which is less sexual than 50 shades as it sheds a lot of light on complexities in relationships especially in the high profile world of Manhattan in the backdrop.

As I began this marvellous work of erotic art written vividly by a new age , refreshing author with alluring descriptions I couldn’t help but get immersed into her thoughts as if they were mine. She used terms that very few writers do for describing an entrancing guy. How does a woman feel when she finds a guy super ravishing , sexy and glamorous ? Is there a deeper meaning to these emotions ? If so then why the paradox of “LOVE ISN’T JUST …” you know what I mean.

Clichés have wrapped our mindsets with octopus legs and we are unable to decode the reasons behind stimulus , attraction and love. It seems hugely risky more than intricate especially if you are a country mouse trying to establish yourself in a posh environment as in settling in a “CITY.” 

Can relationships exist with mere infatuation or at least surpass sexual desire to make life between a couple more meaningful than just the same old romance ? 

All these questions will be answered in a beautifully written fictitious erotica – “Bared To You” by Sylvia Day. If possible give it a try. You’ll love it. 


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