The Romance Genre

I’m a “Mills & Boon” fan ever since I turned thirteen. I’m still a teenager whose adrenaline springs up every time I read an awesome love story with lots of twists and turns in it. I dislike family dramas , regular romance & over action.

Even today people talk about Casablanca, Romeo & Juliet or Mughal-E-Azam. They are the Gen X like my mom & dad who can never get rid of Rajesh Khanna movies. As he used to be the “King of Romance” in Bollywood. Talking about Hollywood “Elvis Presley” would always flash in the minds of all movie buffs. His extraordinary style charmed all women during those days. Titanic is always a clichΓ© whilst talking love stories , etc. But I didn’t like it …..apologizes to all the fans. I didn’t even like “The Notebook” so don’t get outraged !!!

My list of favorite romantic films would be – : 

1. P.S I Love You

2. The Holiday

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

4. Alaipayuthey (South-Indian)

5. Vinaithandi Varuvaaya (South-Indian)

6. Vaaranam Aayiram (South-Indian)

7. Ninne Pelladatha (South-Indian)

8. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Bollywood)

9. Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (Bollywood)

10. Barfi (Bollywood)

These 10 films are the most soulful romantic tales according to me. I keep watching them whenever they are aired on satellite. No typical “I love You” , making love or flowers & chocolates. These films reflect the reality behind this magical word “LOVE” which is a boon in the west while it is treated as a taboo in the east. Jealousy , ignorance , lust , paranoia , trust , hope , fear , desire and pleasure are all the dominating traits amongst true lovers. We can find the realistic depictions of these emotions in my top 10 romance movies.

Love arouses physical attraction for the opposite sex. It gives a sense of inexpressible inclination towards the person whom we are crazily in love with. While watching a romantic scene all our senses burst altogether as if it is raining heavily spreading soothing breeze that hits our gentle skin. Those moments of being together , hands clasped tight , lip-locks , unfurling the bits of hair strands and finally an affectionate hug make the movie a blockbuster. 

I feel so connected that sometimes I see my image instead of the heroine of the film. As if the hero is cuddling me , kissing my palms and proposing me with alluring red roses. This is the power of fantastic love because it is like a high dose drug keeping us high and evaporating all the shit that we go through at our homes , workplaces , etc.

All those who wanna stay single can marry in their imaginations just by watching a cute romance film at least once in a day. Trust me guys it feels so relaxing as if I’m flying alongside a flock of pigeons. Even if you’ve had breakups, divorces , betrayals or not ever experienced a relationship – one good romantic flick can rejuvenate your appetite. You don’t need to even be in a relationship in order feel love. Just drown into this fantasy world of rollercoaster rides & happy endings and check the result – a big smile on your face ……its like omg πŸ˜‡ omg πŸ˜‡ omg πŸ˜‡ why didn’t I do this before ? 

All the dreamers on this earth can easily connect to this blog about romance. Accept the reality but don’t forsake this excellent feeling of being in love in your freakish innocent dreams.  

All I can say is – “Love till you die” coz it is wonderful like a real heaven πŸ˜ŠπŸ’–πŸ‘Œ


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