My Crush Blushed 

Ravishing outlook of his heavenly body

mesmerized my inner conscience.

Ebony hair dazzled as though pure gold

unleashed its au courant essence.

I winked at him in a room quite dark

trying to unlock his dense heart.

That deadly smile of his made me faint

and I felt like a silly braggart.

All attempts in vain when he didn’t

accept my unconditional love for him.

I broke into shattered pieces of glass as

hopes faded and dreams turned grim.

Amidst the chaos passed four long years

but his memories flashed in my mind.

If my feelings for him were genuine then

towards me the almighty will be kind.

Next day I saw a miracle in the form of

him appearing with swollen eyelids.

He struck like a chilling sea breeze and

proposed me with peachy orchids.

I merrily approved his apologies and

adorably asked him to get hushed.

The most indelible moment of my life

was when my darling crush blushed.


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