Innocent Beauty

The first sight of her skimmed milk

kinda elfin face jiggled my senses.

She stood cushily above the demesne

decorated with lush verdure of grass.

Days later we exchanged holy vows 

then declared husband and wife.

This was like a beautiful disaster of my

jejune life which was rid of warm fuzzies.

I could never possess her excellent skills

in playing the soothing piano.

Nor feel the passion of reading whilst 

she scrolled through pages by Tolstoy.

She wished for a groom who was her 

best friend and also a devoted boyfriend.

I had the repine apprehensions of being 

intimidated by her potent yearnings.

But my resoluteness to win her sheer

confidence took us to a distant zone.

The law of gravity pivoted genuine as

both our strings suavely got attached.

Love blossomed like the chilling showers

of November rain in ignited Chennai.

But destiny had certain vicious plans 

of tearing our gratified hearts apart.

My romantic bliss had a short memoir

as she departed spreading the essence

of her innocent beauty.


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