P.S. I Miss You πŸ’•

Your the first drop of monsoon rain 

that fell on my arid heart.

Your the silver lining of my dark life 

that saved me from falling apart.

I gasp consecutive deep breaths whilst

you clasp my hand rubber-tight.

It pulls me towards your buoyant face

that glows even on a moonless night.

As the lightning strikes I get petrified

and embrace your lukewarm arms.

I felt like penetrating inside a royal

castle skirting on the orchid farms.

I loved the way you sensed my skin 

like a mild feather touch.

Yours tried-and-true vows ring in my

ears dismissing every grudge.

Now since you aren’t there to sing for 

me tranquilizing lullabies of love ,

I seek you all over this crowded planet

even if the wind does often shove.

What about all the gorgeous dreams that 

ought to come true ?

Dwelling in an infertile isle of heartache

P.S. I Miss You .

This poem is a tribute to all the beautiful ladies who lost their husbands. It is a void that none can fill instead all the wonderful memories that these women have had with their departed better halves will never make them lonely.

Move on with those magical memories all you lovely women because he’s watching you from somewhere and just wants you to be happy πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.


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