Killer Attitude

The day Caroline first saw Danny was incredibly fabulous. Her nerves caught love frenzy and adrenaline was clinging at the summit. He was her new boss who was classy , aggressive and a typical perfectionist.
He liked everything  arranged , spick n span and accurate. Minor mistakes were his biggest foes and he was punctual in reprimanding his inefficient employees who according to him were the liabilities of the firm. Despite bearing all his shit Caroline fell for him. Moreover , his charisma , dimples on both his fluffy cheeks , yellowish brown face and stunning expressions although unpleasant ones. 

Danny was an orphan who inherited his dad’s vast business empire post his parents death in a plane crash. He was only 8 years old when this tragedy took place. From then onwards , he became heartless and adopted atheism as his belief. Caroline heard this story by Danny’s personal assistant and felt pity for him rather than bitch about him like others did. 

Danny was very mean to her calling her reckless , imperfect and irresponsible. But his unbelievable good looks , dazzling eyes , impressive gestures kept her drawn towards him. Imagine if Tom Cruise becomes your maths teacher then will you hate him ???? Neverrrrrr. 😍😍😍

Similarly , Caroline got smitten with this hot headed and hot looking , dashing boss. She listened to his tantrums as if it was a soothing melody.🎡🎡🎡

If I were Caroline then what a privilege it would be , beholding the most handsome guy , his sexy body , magnetic eyes , mouth watering lips , sparkling spikes and the ‘KILLER ATTITUDE’ with which he conducts himself πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–. 


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