Missing you Grandpa

I feel as if you’re around me passing a wink or a mean satire. Your reprimands are still audible to my ears. The history that you narrated me about this entire world isn’t liked by anyone anymore. The memorable evenings that we spent with each other whilst you chilling on an easy chair and me on a wooden one. We sat side by side discussing almost everything – current affairs , household matters. I shared my day spent in school with you and gladly watched how you heard all my tales with sheer patience.
Grandpa you were the only one who heard all my ramblings , musings , pain , opinions , arguments & experiences. Nobody has the time to strike a word or two at least for a second grandpa. I come home and find your easy chair empty. You aren’t seated on it anymore. I feel like you have disappeared and become a star. 

Why did you die grandpa ? Why can’t ageing stop for a while ? You were the diamond that I could afford , the force that I could resist , the book that gave me knowledge and the hope that revived my energy. 

I wish there was a formula for solving the problem called “death”. Then everyone could apply it and resurrect their loved ones.

 My grandfather said , ” Shreya , you gotta learn to survive like a brave girl does. I love you dear therefore never ever feel that you are alone. I trust your abilities and I’m pretty confident that you will achieve all your goals.” 

I will always remember your golden words grandpa. 😭😭😭

Missing you every moment because it is not even an year since you left us. I wish you were here talking , laughing and cuddling me with your heavenly affection and adorable warmth. 


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