Words of appreciation

Praises when bestowed upon a person sound like the first thunder of monsoon showers. Angels protect the good ones from evil forces during bad times. Similarly motivational thoughts rejuvenate depressed minds by drawing a silver lining in their dark lives. Pigeons fly to their nests and kiss their babies while tucking them to sleep. 

Mommies sing lullabies to their children with warmth and affection that no one else can do. What if your mentor lauds your performance or your friends remember the help that you rendered them during hard times ? Emotions would wrap you with their cute little hands.

When your dad says “I’m proud of you” , when your spouse embraces you with loads of love or your kids welcome you with a peck on both your fluffy cheeks , how does it feel ? Incredible right ? Maybe beyond that. Words of love , gratitude , belonging and most essentially appreciation heal the worst wounds. 

Feedback as in positive feedback is what every person expects. You upload pics on Facebook or Instagram and await unlimited likes , lovely comments and cute emojis. Lots of hope is invested on a blog for instance. Honestly , after posting our blog we are desperately waiting for likes , wonderful comments , replies and what not. 

As notifications pop up we are like “omg ….omg ….. a like …, wow 😍😍😍” and so on.

There’s nothing wrong with expecting a positive feedback. We want others to read our blog , see our pics and leave their opinion , obviously. Any form of encouragement is like a huge achievement for human beings. 

Be a source of inspiration by lending the world beautiful words of appreciation.


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