Love me Forever

I was deprived of this amazing feeling called love as a child.

The world threw me up and down as if I belonged to the wild.

My ugly face turned all away so far that I can’t sense them.

Tears flood the floor of my house every time causing huge mayhem.

Cactus thorns cut off my skin and I bleed all day on a desert.

Nobody’s out there to hear my pain nor lend a shoulder when I’m hurt.

To survive on this oppressive earth you gotta be really clever.

The silver lining of my lonely life shall be he who will love me forever.

          – Dedicated to all the “LONERS.”


2 thoughts on “Love me Forever

  1. It is easy that relate to childhood loneliness. At times nobody realises that children are vulnerable and extremely sensitive,they scar easily.Very well expressed q


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