Live every moment

90 per cent of people are masters in wasting their precious time , 8 per cent in trying to manage time while the remaining 2 per cent spend time productively. 

Time is something which many wanna control. All in vain. No research can help you regarding ruling/stopping the clock.It keeps ticking until doomsday. Life is pretty short guys. It ain’t what it actually appears from outside. There’s a lot of matter hidden behind the reality. Circumstances change , people change and we change. Every day we either work or prepare for work. No time for enjoyment except vacations or weekends. Don’t you wanna party every day irrespective of what day it is ? 

Lot of us hate “monday” on this workaholic planet. Kids hate it for school, youngsters for college while elders for office. I can imagine that condemning look on everyone’s faces.Toiling through home works , class notes and office work ………. gets the hell out of all of us. 

Targets for every week have killed even our mom & dad’s weekends. No family hang outs only with buddies which ain’t cool all the time. Chatting isn’t a perfect social interaction rather being together physically is. Gone are those days when we had fights over samosas in the canteen , had cake bath in the ocean and spent festivals with both family and friends.

Let’s make time for our loved near and dear ones. Give each other a warm hug and an adorable kiss. Tell each other that we are enough for one another and just gotta keep loving and giving. 

All the busy-bees on earth kindly remember that you have a lovely family and fantastic pals awaiting your attention. Go buy some time for them instead of expensive presents. Those who are happy lone rangers are the luckiest of all as you just have to impress one person which is you dude. 

Love yourself and live every moment 😉


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