Expressing Emotions

“Do what you feel , feel what you do.” Lovely line isn’t it ? It is easy to feel but very difficult to express. For introverts it is a Herculean task to manifest any emotion including happiness. 

Sometimes I wonder that what if I were an introvert ? Would I do the same ? Maybe. But thank god I’m not. I’ll die if I stop expressing my feelings openly. It is a huge relief when I speak it out in a crystal clear manner. I remove a heavy burden from my shoulders , tears from my eyes and pain from my heart. I ain’t a coconut with a tough exterior but a soft interior. Instead I’m cool as a cucumber and an open book. 

Sharing is not just a good habit rather a mantra for good health. It will keep all negative emotions away and revive your energy. Learn to communicate freely , express your likes , dislikes and thoughts with your buddies , parents  and well wishers. If you have a trust deficit disorder then switch to blogging.

Blogging is like a conversation with strangers. The readers of your blogs follow you only inspired by your wonderful writing not your face/race/background. 

Words are the second best healers after time. Reading beautiful quotes of famous people motivates us immensely as if a lighting struck and recharged all our organs. 

Hence , don’t hesitate instead start sharing and expressing your thoughts out loud and clear. 

Let the world hear your voice !!!


2 thoughts on “Expressing Emotions

  1. For an introvert like me, I find freedom in writing down my feelings. I’ve kept a personal diary since I was 8 years old and the yearning to let others hear me is the reason I began this blog.


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