Henry : The Real Hero

Henry Johnson was a lively guy , high school student who loved fun but hated studies. He used to score average marks since 3rd grade  He was poor in mathematics and physics. He considered numbers as his arch rival whom he barely defeated. His dad , Jared Johnson was a Professor of Mathematics so just imagine what would he be going through knowing that his dearest son is a failure in the subject that he has mastered. 

Days passed , months also and then after an year finished he awaited the results. It was vacation for the next two months and Henry thought that let’s have great fun and forget all worries for a while. He hung out with his pals in the cinemas , travelled all over the city , ate hamburgers , French fries and lots of desserts. He put on 5 kilos by another weekend but didn’t bother instead he went clubbing along with his friends.

Next morning he was found near a dumping yard on his almost broken BMW. The cops arrived at the spot and carried out the investigation process. Prof. Jared heard a police siren ringing and he ran towards the gateway. He saw the police clasping Henry’s hands which were enclosed with handcuffs. What a shame ! As a fact , Henry is a weak student and now he’s also an accused. But Henry has no guilt on his face neither remorse. 

Nevertheless , his dad arranged a lawyer to free him. At home , it was worse than what happened in the police station. Prof. Jared Johnson took the belt out of the hook and began beating Henry all over his body mercilessly. He yelled terribly failing to resist the pain caused by the belt. He fell on the floor , wounded and bleeding horribly. He didn’t have a mom who would wipe his tears because she died when he was a toddler due to cancer. 

Poor baby !!! Henry got up strong and steady , cleaned all the cuts with his bleeding palms. Walked like a physically handicapped guy trying to seek balance. He reached the kitchen then opened the fridge and pulled ice cubes from the freezer. He put the cubes on a cotton cloth and pressed it hard on his wounds.

He underwent immense body ache while trying to prevent the heavy bleeding. There was nobody around to even hear him weeping. His so-called dad disappeared after tormenting him badly.

After a week the reports came out and it was found that there was no alcohol content in Henry’s body. Interrogation began yet again and Henry revealed that the guy who drove the car was heavily drunk and didn’t agree to withdraw driving despite Henry’s insistence. He drove in a massive speed and landed on the dumping yard where both were injured and laid unconscious. In the morning his driver friend woke up first realizing his blunder and ran away leaving innocent Henry all alone to face the consequences.

Henry was acquitted of all charges. It was a struggle worse than maths and physics. Therefore , passing the exam of life is what makes you a real hero not mere grades on paper.


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