Foes of the Go Getters

Alex loved her real self although the sadists despised her honest motives. She was fascinated by Ayn Rand and her proposed philosophy ‘Objectivism’ like crazy. She used to wake up like a lazy lion and leave for office at noon. Daily labor isn’t what she desired but a little bit of leisure. Sad truth is that we need this thing called money to survive. Lust for money is the by-product. Eventually , we are left with a disaster called death.

Alex was an ambivert , unsocial , self-centered and carefree in nature. The people hated her for loving herself instead of the mankind. Now she has become a social criminal (enemy of the society). To think for yourself is always ethically incorrect even in 2016. 

Religion , spirituality , healing , etc have never got tired of the dumb rules and restrictions imposed on their followers as well as non believers. Do this/don’t bla bla …….

Constitution is the only mortal being not humans which protects people like Alex from getting enslaved by corruption and all forms of malpractices. Freedom of choice is supreme than any law on earth. I want to choose my life , lifestyle and life partner. Let me decide like a mature , independent and adult being should do.

Alex fought the system with valour and intensity. She wiped her tears , cleaned her wounds and walked all alone. She was criticized , tormented and reprimanded for her individualism. But nothing could stop her not even god from reaching her goals successfully.

Alex proved everyone that if one has the courage to live for his happiness then he has conquered all. Therefore , live for thyself because it is thee that matters and then comes the world.


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