Loving the unknown

Curiosity drives our mind to a large extent as in causing huge confusion , uncertainty and desperation to know about things that aren’t known or taught to us. 

It leads our senses to a different world of thoughts which entice us to explore various exciting things. Treasure hunt , collecting coins , stamps , bracelets or even books is a wonderful travel idea for fickle or easily bored minds. For example – I love watching TV like a drug addict consumes drugs. 

We are actually maniacs in our favorite sphere although we don’t admit. Humans are always on a quest for the unknown trying hard to solve the unfinished puzzle until they die. Discovery , exploration , invention , R&D emerged only due to a curiosity disorder that scientists were inflicted with (laughs). But who cares about them rather their innovations only matter. 

We ought to be grateful to the masters of truth which happen to be rationalists and scientists. They have adopted modernism as a principle and enhanced the scope of a happy & comfortable human life on earth.


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