A word which has various interpretations but one meaning is “LOVE”. Universal love is what knits us together in a beautiful relationship. Our affection for mom , dad , bro , sis , buddy all alike. 

But how different is it from falling for a stranger ? Hence we call it love , prema , kadhal , ishq , etc. I express my emotions for a person (Mr.X) whom I never met nor do I know about his existence but I always bring him to life via … poems , wild dreams or on a soothing rainy day. 

The world of fantasy seems so enthralling that I deny the reality often and wanna travel in the globe of thoughts that I manufactured for my own sake. Trust me when I say that anything associated with love is awesome (ignoring the broken hearts) , it helps you stay high (intense than a drug). It gives you a wow feeling when you imagine someone whom you adore like crazy ….becoming your saviour for posterity. 

Those who have had a painful breakup (badly hurt) write negative poetry about love. Remember that there are many lovers who have never given up despite betrayals and heart-breaks. 

Hope , trust , faith , truth and peace is what you get from universal love. So , in romantic love you get heaven at once then what more would you ask for ? You can experience love even if you are a loner.You don’t need a physical space to be in love. Just feel it , engulf it with care and spread it with your wings. Happiness is derived out of love. It is function of love in mathematical terms – H = f(L). I hope the practical & pragmatic sort of people who deny this incredible feeling of love give it a humble try.

Love anything/anyone that boosts your energy even if it/he/she doesn’t love . What really matters is being in a “state of love.”


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