Response Vs Reaction

Often I have observed people reacting to situations than bothering to understand exactly what has happened. Human beings have a tendency to act emotionally to every little thing. Suppose someone talks to you in a rude manner especially if it is a friend then we get hurt and immediately react without a second thought.

Arguments arise out of disagreements mostly relating to petty issues. We lose our cool sometimes while trying to validate our point to the other person. Heated debates lead nowhere instead they disturb the environment like sound pollution does. Very few people have the patience to listen to the opposition and reply in a sensible manner. Such persons are born wise and know the art of dealing with people , circumstances and changes taking place in their lives.

Response is what everyone expects from a person being interrogated or interviewed. It refers to a calm , nonchalant and accurate reply to a particular question being imposed upon a person. But nobody has a habit of responding like rational humans should do. Most people simply know how to react.

Both response as well as reaction are natural expressions. But reaction is fierce in comparison to response as it incites a whole lot of emotions. 

Therefore , we must learn to respond than recklessly manifesting a lame reaction.


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