My favorite word in the dictionary is ‘leisure’ as I prefer relaxation over hard work. Being a college student it is a struggle for me to take time out for exploring my hobbies because one second wasted is equal to a life time according to teachers and all our elders. But what they fail to understand is we are humans not machines or robots. We don’t run on batteries but food as a fuel.

I have afternoon classes which disallows me from taking rest. Then I need to finish my notes , revise and finally sleep again. Talking about professionals in various fields their life is worse than students like myself. They have hectic schedules the entire day and can’t communicate even with their family members due to lack of adequate time.

Time never waits for anyone rather we have to race against it in order to accomplish numerous tasks. Every individual wants free time for fulfilling personal desires. Weekend has become a popular word for many song writers as most people eagerly wait for it to get rid of responsibilities for a couple of days and have loads of fun. 

In this busy lifestyle afflicted world people belonging to all age groups are dying for a break or in proper terms – ‘leisure’. Partying , travelling , watching movies , listening to music or even blogging are common passions that people in 21st century relish doing when free. Neither of them is harmful or extreme instead these activities act as stimuli to recharge our dead spirits.

Therefore , leisure is of supreme importance as we work so hard only to enjoy during free time. If you wanna a stress free life then do practise the best exercise for a healthy body which is “LEISURE”.


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