There are zillions of languages on this earth but most of them sound alien to us except our mother tongue. The language of poetry transcends beyond mere words. 

History has introduced the world to literature , authors , poetry and poets. Translations of great masters who have composed unsurpassed poems are still going on. We are well acquainted with Persian poetry which enjoys voguishness even in 21st century AD because of marvels like Mirza Ghalib and Rumi. I read Ghalib’s Urdu poetry every evening without a miss. 

The first poem that I read was ‘Daffodils’ by William Wordsworth. I used to recite it aloud in front of the class as my English teacher was impressed by my passion for specifically this poem. We can’t compose Shakespeare’s sonnets as it was. 

In fact , nobody can dare to give it a try. But we can develop lovely poems out of our individualistic style of imagination. Each person has different shades of emotions and would respond to changes around him/her in accordance with the mood at that very moment. 

The mind blowing lyrics of super hit songs are also a reflection of a poet’s creativity and imagination. Lyricists are entertaining poets who innovate the art of writing poems. 

Song-writing is another wonderful job which is as challenging as traditional poetry . India has great lyricists who are originally brilliant poets such as Gulzar & Javed Akhtar from Bollywood while South India has a range of talented song writers like Late. Vaali , Late.Veturi Sundarama Murthy , Late. Athreya and many others. I wanted to name them as many wouldn’t have heard about them. 

I’m a huge admirer of Veturi who is a Telugu (native language of South India) song writer. His songs are still on my favorites playlist. He  wrote magical words which require a listener to basically try to understand the meaning than mere listening. 

Poetry connects the north pole and south pole , Gandhi and Hitler and every beating heart on this globe. My salutations to all the wonderful poets for becoming the ‘Refresh Button’ of our unpredictable lives.🙏


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