Sing ‘N’ Dance

If there is something that people love doing repeatedly it is listening to their favorite music and dancing to the lovely beats. I love rock music like a narcotic and my morning begins with ‘Beatles’ or ‘Crash Kings’. I’m equally mad about ‘Guns N Roses’ , ‘The Rolling Stones’ and MJ. Songs keep us charged all day through the alluring tunes , enchanting voices and soulful lyrics. 

Lyrics matter the most to me as I am a creative person. They signify the essence of a particular song and justify its sine qua non. Words of positivity can give happiness , zeal , optimism and fulfillment.

Western music has lot to do with guitar , drums and bass. While eastern music especially Indian classical music deals with sitar , veena , harmonium and tabla. South India is known for its Carnatic music. Music Maestro Ilaiyaraja is my favorite. All those who don’t know about this man must google about him and listen to his songs on YouTube. I mean it everyone. The westerners would love his innovative style of composing various genre songs. 

When we hear a sober song then we tend to immediately download it or buy it in I-tunes. During the early twentieth century people used to hear songs on radio or a gramophone. Those days won’t come again yet we cherish the oldies even today. 

Singing , humming or sensing the lyrics of a melody is an amazing experience for any music lover. From music in later stages came dance. We feel like screaming , jumping and hopping while listening to loud music. I feel like remaining in the discothèque all day and all night to be honest. 

Look at what music does to us ! We can’t control ourselves to heart melting words of music. My hearty thank u’s to all the great musicians on earth for bringing our dead senses back to life even while we are sleeping through their magical music. 

Until then “Sing N Dance” …. 😉


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